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Enjoy hassle-free subscriptions that allow you to modify, cancel, or explore our offerings without any additional costs, upfront commitments, or constraints.

Direct Payment

Get Direct Payment

When an online order is placed through your website or app, the payment for that order is made directly to your account. This feature provides a seamless and efficient payment process, allowing you to receive funds promptly and directly without any intermediaries.

No Cancellation Fee

No Cancellation Fee

At Anbe Tech Solutions, we prioritize your satisfaction by offering flexibility and transparency. We have removed all cancellation fees so that you can modify or cancel your subscription without any extra costs, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

No Monthly Fee

No Monthly Fee

With our "No Monthly Fee" feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have full ownership of your website and app without any recurring financial obligations. You pay a one-time fee for the setup and development of your website and app, and there are no hidden costs or surprise charges down the line.

No Contract

No Contract

Anbe Tech Solutions values flexibility and customer loyalty, which is why we have removed contracts for our products and services. By offering the freedom to choose and adjust your subscription based on your needs, we aim to earn your trust and satisfaction through exceptional value and quality, ensuring you keep coming back for more.

Why Choose Our Website and App?

Optimize your online presence with streamlined management, engaging marketing strategies, and memorable customer experiences.

Effortless, Optimized, Responsive: Complete Solution

Our website and app solution offers easy setup and editing, optimized for increased visibility and traffic with responsive designs for seamless functionality on all devices.

Easy to set up and edit

Effortlessly set up and customize your online ordering website & app without any technical expertise required.

Optimized for discovery and more traffic

Designed to enhance discover ability and increase website traffic.


Responsive website designs ensure seamless adaptation to all devices.

 Website App

Engage and Reward

Elevate your online ordering website/app with promotional offers, reward points, and exciting giveaways, creating a compelling and engaging experience for customers while driving sales and fostering loyalty.

Promotional Offers

Increase sales by offering attractive discounts and special promotions to customers using your online ordering website/app.

Reward Points

Encourage customer loyalty by implementing a reward points system where customers can earn points for their purchases and redeem them for discounts or rewards.


Generate excitement and engagement by organizing giveaways, contests, or special offers to incentivize customers to use your online ordering platform and attract new customers.

Amplify Your Marketing Reach

Maximize marketing potential with email and text tools for targeted campaigns, while effortlessly managing menus and printing professional flyers to boost online ordering presence.

Email Marketing

Connect and engage with customers through targeted email campaigns.

Text Marketing

Send personalized text messages to keep customers informed and drive interaction.

Menu & Flyers

Easily access and showcase your menu items online, while also having the option to print professional flyers for offline promotion, all managed within the website/ app management system.

Email Marketing
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Online Orders
Order History

Streamlined Online Ordering Management

Effortlessly customize online order settings, gain visibility into payment details, optimize the ordering process, ensure seamless transactions, and drive customer satisfaction.

Manage Online Orders

Streamline your order management process by easily handling incoming online orders, tracking their status, and ensuring timely fulfillment.

View Online Order Payments

Access and review payment details for online orders, ensuring seamless transactions and transparency.

Manage Online Order Settings

Take control of your online ordering process by customizing settings like delivery options, order types and more.

Online Profile Management

Effortlessly manage and update your profile, gallery, announcements, about us section, and business hours to take full control of your online presence and provide a seamless customer experience.

Manage Profile

Easily update and maintain your business information, such as contact details, address, and business description.

Manage Gallery

Showcase enticing images of your products or establishment by efficiently managing and updating your image gallery.

Manage Announcements

Keep your customers informed about important updates by managing and publishing announcements on your online ordering platform.

Manage About Us

Tailor your brand story and company information by managing the "About Us" section, allowing customers to learn more about your business.

Manage Business Hours

Easily set and adjust your business hours to accurately reflect your availability for online orders.

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Gain valuable insights into your website's performance by viewing analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your online presence.

View Website Analytics

Gain valuable insights such as website traffic of your online ordering website.

Customer Management

Efficiently manage customer information, track order history, and provide personalized service through the customer management feature.

Features for Memorable Experiences

Provide a seamless dining experience by offering table reservations through your online ordering platform, while boosting customer engagement and foot traffic by promoting and managing special events like holiday celebrations.

Table Reservation

Enable customers to conveniently reserve tables at your establishment.


Promote and manage special events or occasions, such as holiday celebrations, within your online ordering platform to attract customers and drive engagement.

Table Reservation
Guest Checkout

Seamless Ordering Experience with Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Maximize customer engagement and sales growth through guest checkout, highlighted weekly specials, and a dedicated deals section.

Guest Checkout

Allows customers to place orders without creating an account, providing a seamless and convenient checkout process.

Weekly Specials

highlight and promote discounted or featured items on a weekly basis, attracting customers with exclusive deals and increasing sales.


Ahowcase and manage various types of deals, such as discounts, coupons, or special offers, to incentivize customers and drive more orders.

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Using the app/website provided by Anbe Tech Solutions for online ordering with direct payment has been a game-changer for my business. It has streamlined the ordering process, allowing my customers to conveniently place their orders and make secure payments directly through the platform. The user-friendly interface and seamless integration have significantly improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, our revenue. Thanks to Anbe Tech Solutions, we have experienced a remarkable boost in online orders and a hassle-free payment experience, making it an invaluable tool for our business.

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