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100% Sales, Zero Commissions!

Online Kitchen is a game-changing online ordering platform that empowers restaurant owners to keep 100% of their sales with zero commissions. Showcase your culinary masterpieces, reach a vast online audience, and boost your revenue effortlessly.

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Online Kitchen

No Cancellation Fee | No Monthly Fee | No Contract

Get the 100% sales of your online order directly to your merchant bank account

Are you a restaurant owner looking to amplify your revenue without losing a single penny to commissions? Look no further! With Online Kitchen, you can now showcase your culinary expertise to a wide online audience and keep 100% of your sales. Unlike other platforms, we don't charge any percentage-based fees or commissions - it's absolutely FREE to list your restaurant with us!

Joining our Online Kitchen expands your restaurant's visibility and establishes a strong digital footprint. As customers browse our extensive list of restaurants, your mouthwatering cuisine will be prominently showcased, enticing them to explore your offerings and place orders effortlessly. Your restaurant will be one click away from culinary enthusiasts eager to savor your delectable creations.

Take online orders with ease and confidence

01. Elevate Your Restaurant's Reach with Web and iOS App Ordering

By listing your restaurant with Online Kitchen, you unlock the incredible potential of not just one, but two powerful channels for your customers to place orders through our user friendly website and our cutting edge iOS App.

Seamless Online Ordering via Our Website

Our website is your restaurant s digital gateway to a vast online audience. With an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, your customers can effortlessly explore your menu, place orders, and indulge in your delicious offerings. Whether they re on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, our responsive design ensures a smooth ordering experience, keeping your customers coming back for more.


Embrace the iOS App Advantage

We take convenience to the next level with our dedicated iOS App. Available for download on the Apple App Store, this sleek and feature-packed application empowers your customers to order directly from their iPhones. By having your restaurant featured on the iOS App, you tap into the rapidly growing mobile market, giving your business the edge over the competition.

With both website and iOS App ordering at your disposal, you unleash the full potential of your restaurant. Capture the attention of tech savvy customers who prefer the convenience of mobile apps while catering to those who enjoy the traditional web experience. It's a winning combination that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty to new heights.

02. Get 100% Sales In Your Pocket!

When customers make a payment for an order, you'll receive 100% of your sales directly into your pocket - zero commissions, no deductions. Your profits are all yours to keep!

Benefits For The Restaurants


It's completely free! That's right, there are no upfront fees, no hidden charges, and no costs associated with showcasing your restaurant on our platform.

No Commission for Online Orders

Unlike other platforms that charge hefty commissions on every order, we have adopted a restaurant-friendly approach. We don't take any commission from your online orders, ensuring that you get 100% of your sales.

No Cancellation Fee, No Contract, No Credit Card Required

There are no hidden charges or binding contracts to tie you down. You can join our platform without any upfront fees or credit card commitments. You have the freedom to leave whenever you want, but we're confident that you'll want to stay.

Get Payment Directly to Your Merchant Account

When your customers place orders through our platform, the payment goes directly to your merchant account. No more waiting for payout dates or dealing with third-party intermediaries. You have full control over your earnings

Join us today and take advantage of the power of Online Kitchen

By listing your restaurant with Online Kitchen, you open doors to a world of online opportunities, catering to both web and mobile audiences. Embrace the future of dining and watch your restaurant soar to new heights of success.

Ready To Spice Up Your Restaurant's Success?

Team up with Online Kitchen and unlock a world of possibilities that will tantalize taste buds and boost your business.

Streamlined Online Ordering Management

Streamline your order management process by easily handling incoming online orders, tracking their status, and ensuring timely fulfillment.

Streamlined Online Ordering Management

Easy Setup and Editing

Easy Setup and Editing

Setting up your restaurant on our platform is a breeze. Our user friendly interface allows you to create your restaurant profile, add menus, update items, and manage orders with utmost ease. You don't need any technical expertise; we've made it simple for you.

Multiple Order Types

Whether it's delivery, takeout, or dine-in, our platform caters to multiple order types. Customers can easily choose their preferred order method, making it convenient for them and for you.

Multiple Order Types

Reward and Promotions


Gain valuable insights into your website's performance by viewing analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your online presence.

Guest Orders with/without Payment:

We want to offer the best experience for your customers. They can place orders as guests without the hassle of creating an account. For faster checkout, we also provide the option for guest payments.

Search Items

Integrated Marketing Solutions

01. / Online Menu and Print Flyer

Easily access and showcase your menu items online, while also having the option to print professional flyers for offline promotion, all managed within the website/ app management system.


02. / Add Promotional Offers and Reward Points:

Attract more customers and retain loyal ones by creating enticing promotional offers and rewarding them with loyalty points.

03. / Deals, Specials, and Giveaways

Keep your customers excited and coming back for more with exclusive deals, specials, and giveaways. Our platform allows you to easily manage and promote these offerings to entice both new and existing patrons


04. / Email and Text Marketing

Maximize marketing potential with email and text tools for targeted campaigns.

All In One Solutions

Elevate your restaurant's potential by effortlessly integrating Online Kitchen with our state-of-the-art POS systems, cutting-edge kitchen display technology, and dynamic real-time menu displays. Experience the power of harmonious connectivity, where every order seamlessly transitions from online to your kitchen, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and an exceptional dining journey for your customers.

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Join today and unlock the full potential of your restaurant with Online Kitchen. It's time to turn your culinary passion into a thriving online business!


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