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Kitchen Display System

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Why Choose Our Kitchen Display System?

A revolutionary technology designed to transform your kitchen operations and take your restaurant to the next level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Appealing Display Screen

Offers visually appealing orders, revenue center categorization, order timing information, and color-coded checks to enhance order management and efficiency in a visually intuitive manner.

Revenue Center
KDS Display

Visually Appealing Orders

Clean and modern layout, with clear and organized presentation of order information, making it visually pleasing and easy for kitchen staff to process orders efficiently.

Revenue Centers

Allows for the organized presentation of orders from different kitchen sections or stations, enhancing efficiency and coordination among the kitchen staff.

Order Timing Information

Displays the elapsed time since order placement, enabling kitchen staff to track order preparation times and ensure timely food delivery.

Color Coded Checked

Allows orders to be color-coded, aiding kitchen staff in quickly recognizing order types like dine-in, takeout, or delivery.

Interactive Checks

Allows kitchen staff to mark food items with a single click, highlight specific checks, play check contents through voice audio, and hold checks for later processing, enhancing efficiency and order management.


One Click Food Marking

Allows kitchen staff to mark individual food items as completed with a single click, simplifying the process of updating the status of each item in an order.

Highlight Checks

Mark a specific check as active, prioritizing it at the front of the queue and facilitating efficient order flow management, particularly for recent or urgent orders.

Voice Audio Playback

Audible check announcements aid kitchen staff in instantly identifying order details by using a system voice.

Hold Checks

Enables kitchen staff to temporarily pause or delay the preparation of specific orders by placing checks on hold, providing flexibility to resume them at a later time when ready.

Notifications And Alerts

Includes new order alerts, target time exceeded indications, a list of scheduled orders, and kitchen notes to facilitate effective communication and timely order management in the kitchen.

New Order Alert

New Order Alert

Generates alerts or notifications for new orders, ensuring kitchen staff promptly attend to them minimizing the risk of overlooking any orders.

Target Time Exceeded Indication

Alerts kitchen staff to delays by indicating on the check when an order exceeds the target preparation time, enabling them to take corrective action or inform the serving staff.

Scheduled Orders List

Display of scheduled orders, assisting kitchen staff in prioritizing and planning based on scheduled times to ensure timely preparation and service of orders.

Kitchen Note

Allows kitchen staff to add a note which can be useful to the kitchen staff.

Customizable Settings

Adjust checks visibility, check font size, order type colors, and target time, allowing users to personalize the display and functionality of the Kitchen Display System according to their specific preferences and needs.

Color Settings

Checks Visibility

Allows users to define the number of visible checks per row, while the auto adjustment feature dynamically adjusts the display to ensure optimal visibility and readability.

Check Font Size

Offer users the flexibility to adjust the font size of check information according to individual preferences and kitchen staff's readability needs.

Order Type Colors

Aids kitchen staff in swiftly recognizing and distinguishing between various order types or those with specific requirements by assigning specific colors based on order types or special instructions.

Target Time

Set target times for order preparation or completion, enabling kitchen staff to monitor and receive notifications for any orders that exceed the specified target time, ensuring timely service.

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Seamless Hardware Integration

Discover the versatility and flexibility of our Kitchen Display system as it effortlessly integrates with smart TV of any screen size, iPad, or any web browser, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow in your culinary environment. Take advantage of our perfect hardware compatibility and revolutionize your kitchen operations today.

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Visualize Efficiency: Explore Our Demo Videos!

Gain valuable insights and inspiration from our demo videos to understand how our kitchen display system can revolutionize your culinary environment.

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Display Screen

Visualize efficient order management with our kitchen display system.

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Interactive Checks

See how you can interact with the orders.

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Customizable Settings

Learn how to customize settings to your needs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it - discover the real-life experiences of our satisfied customers with our Kitchen Display System. Read their testimonials and learn how our solution has revolutionized their kitchen operations.

Vir Zala

"I am writing this testimonial to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude towards Anbe Tech Solutions for providing us with their exceptional kitchen display system. As the owner of JIMMY'S BIG BURGER, I have experienced remarkable improvements in our operations, customer experience, and overall efficiency since implementing their cutting-edge technology.

I wholeheartedly recommend Anbe Tech Solutions kitchen display system to any restaurant owner who wants to enhance their operations, boost customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth. Their technology has elevated our restaurant to new heights, and we couldn't be happier with the results we have achieved."


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