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Welcome to Seamless Dining: Order & Pay at Table

Revolutionize your restaurant's dining experience with our innovative Order & Pay at Table service, bidding farewell to long queues and welcoming hassle-free, efficient ordering for your valued customers.

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Order and Pay at Table
Order and Pay at Table

Embrace the future of dining and provide your patrons with a seamless, enjoyable journey from selection to payment


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Why Should You Use Order & Pay At table!

Faster service

Enable customers to place orders directly from the table eliminating the need to wait for a server and leading to reduced wait times.

Empower Your Customers with Control

By putting the power of choice in their hands, you'll foster a stronger connection with your patrons and ensure they keep coming back for more.

Reduced workload for staff

Dedicate your staffs time to attend to your needs and create an atmosphere that leaves your customers feeling delighted and satisfied.

Upselling opportunities

Enhance customer experience by suggesting tempting add-ons and special promotions. This way, customers can discover new favorites and enjoy delightful surprises while maximizing the value of your visit.


Customized For Your Convenience: Discover Order & Pay At Table Features!

Order from the Table without Any Attendant

Customers can easily place their orders directly from their table using the restaurant s Order & Pay At Table feature. They no longer need to wait for a server to take their order, enhancing the overall dining experience and reducing wait times.

Order Image
Customize Order

Customizable Orders

Customers can personalize their orders by adding or removing items according to their preferences. Additionally, they can apply modifiers and special instructions to tailor their dishes to specific tastes or dietary requirements.

Efficient Menu Search

The system provides a search functionality that enables customers to quickly find specific items on the menu. With large menus, this feature becomes particularly useful in assisting customers to locate their desired dishes efficiently.

Menu Search

Attendant Notification and Assistance

If customers require any form of assistance during their dining experience, they can easily notify and call an attendant through the system. Whether they need clarification about the menu, additional utensils, or any other support, the app facilitates seamless communication with restaurant staff.

Flexible Payment Options

Once customers have finished their meal, they have the choice to continue with the payment process directly through the app or opt to pay at the counter. This flexibility allows customers to choose the payment method that suits their preferences.

Payment Method
Reader Setup

Integration of Card Readers

The system facilitates secure and convenient payment transactions by integrating card readers. Customers can make payments using their credit or debit cards without the need to hand over their cards to the staff, ensuring a safer payment process.

Receipt Printing

After the payment has been successfully made, the system can be set up to automatically print receipts. This feature ensures that customers receive a physical record of their transaction for their reference and accounting purposes.

Restaurant Receipts


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Any display system that supports web browser (chrome, safari, firefox)


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Customize Order

Customize Order

How to customize an order using order & pay at table?

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How to place an order using order & pay at table?


Make Payment

How to make a payment using order & pay at table?

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